The perfect combination of innovation and power. Based in America.

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Anyone can easily learn to ride with our advanced auto balancing system. Our built-in gyro sensors stabilize any rider.

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Featuring a built in double-balancing gyro system, anti-overheat battery, and a design built for endurance.

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Our twin motors pack a powerful punch, while our improved acceleration system gives you a fast and smooth ride.

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  • Smart Auto balancing technology
  • Safe High quality materials
  • Epic Powerful twin motors

Designed for you

SwiftRover can speed you up to 15km/hour,
has the ability to do 360s, and can handle almost any manuver.

We designed our rover to travel as far as 20km on a single charge, so you could spend more time enjoying your ride.

Safety was our highest priority, so we built in a double balancing system, anti-slip footing pads, and a light design built for endurance.


We stand behind our product.

SwiftRover is based in the United States, and is designed and crafted with only the best parts.

But that’s not all.

We back our product up with a 1-Year Warranty and American Technical Support.
It’s all about bringing you the most enjoyable ride.

  • Jetts
  • QUT
  • Rio Tinto
  • Rio Tinto